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The story of a champion’s summer

After a blistering performance at the last castle tavern race night where the results were so good you could have been accused of Fakenham, this mount has had an action packed summer.

A whistle stop tour of the Norfolk social scene has seen this champion stallion make a guest appearance at the Great Yarmouth “End of the Pier Show “, where the crowd were jockeying for position to meet him.

He performed a celebrity opening of the Cromer Crab Festival though sadly was one of the few males not to catch crabs in Cromer.

A grand tour of the Colman’s factory failed cut the mustard and our hero decided to reign in his celebrity appearances as he was chomping at the bit to get back into training.

Not even the lure of a cameo in Neighbours could tempt this horse from his regime despite nagging from his fans.

So after a period of hard work and effort he returns, triumphant, to the Castle Tavern to support the Duck Club (despite his many fans thinking him quackers).

So open up your wallets and get backing him, he has to be a shoe-in for a win.


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