Richmond Duck Club exists to raise money for young peole in the town of Richmond, North Yorkshire.  Events are organised and funds are raised to benefit individuals and groups of children in the local area. Funds raised can go towards things like, a set of sports shirts for a local youth team; equipment for special needs students; or the trophies awarded every June to the young sportsperson of the year local to Richmond.

Annual Events

Ready to go, the ducks are about to race

Ready to go, the race is about to start.

The Grand Duck Race – The Duck race is the main focus of the Duck Club’s year.  Every year on the May Day bank holiday around 2000 plastic ducks are tipped into the River Swale from a

And the race begins!

And the race begins!

JCB bucket on the Green Bridge and race down stream to the finish line on the Batts near

theStation Bridge.  Money is raised through ticket sales and prizes are awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place as well as the last duck home.

The 2011 Duck Race

The 2011 Duck Race

Although the Duck Race is the main focus of the year the Duck Club are also involved in various other activities throughout the year.

Duck Club Sports Day -This event is held each year on August Bank holiday, at Richmond Cricket Club starting from 1pm in the afternoon. There are many event for the kids & also parents to take part in, The age groups range from toddles to 16 years of  age                                               .  IMG_0024

The Friary Gardens Christmas Lights – Originally the Friary Gardens Christmas Lights were maintained by the Chamber of Trade but Richmond Duck Club stepped in when they were unable to continue.  The Duck Club continue to maintain the annual Christmas lights to provide a focus for younger children at Christmas.

Over the years there has been periodic vandalism and several of the figurines have been destroyed.  The cost of replacement is prohibitive and the dwindling stock is a cause for concern.

The Christmas Parrot is the most notable of the figurines.  She has been kidnapped several times, although no ransom has ever been paid because Duck Club policy is never to negotiate with kidnappers!  it is hoped that no further attempts are made because she really is very fragile.

The Shop Window Competition – The Duck Club sponsor a special trophy in the annual shop window competition.  It is special because it is awared by judges who are all of primary school age and who bring that special child’s perspective.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi what are your upcoming events? Also when is the window display competition on? Many thanks

    • Hi Alexander

      Upcoming events
      18th November Race Night at Castle Tavern Hotel Market Place Richmond it should be a fun night. I will be placing further details on here which will be link to our Facebook page



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