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The story of a champion’s summer

After a blistering performance at the last castle tavern race night where the results were so good you could have been accused of Fakenham, this mount has had an action packed summer.

A whistle stop tour of the Norfolk social scene has seen this champion stallion make a guest appearance at the Great Yarmouth “End of the Pier Show “, where the crowd were jockeying for position to meet him.

He performed a celebrity opening of the Cromer Crab Festival though sadly was one of the few males not to catch crabs in Cromer.

A grand tour of the Colman’s factory failed cut the mustard and our hero decided to reign in his celebrity appearances as he was chomping at the bit to get back into training.

Not even the lure of a cameo in Neighbours could tempt this horse from his regime despite nagging from his fans.

So after a period of hard work and effort he returns, triumphant, to the Castle Tavern to support the Duck Club (despite his many fans thinking him quackers).

So open up your wallets and get backing him, he has to be a shoe-in for a win.


Message from Duck Club Secretary

This message supercede any post that has been already posted

Fireworks Display 

All stewards helping on the evening of the annual display at Richmond school will be provided with buckets, labelled Richmond Town Council, to collect any donations that may be forthcoming. These buckets to be returned to the foyer of Richmond school at the end of display so that a Richmond town Councillor can oversee the buckets and contents are return to the Town Hall that evening.

As Richmond Town Council fund all aspects of the display (fireworks,toilets and first aid. The are the only organisation to collect at any point during the evening

Race Night Castle Tavern Hotel Market Place Richmond 18th November

Richmond duck Club Race Night Flyer 18th November 2015

After a great night had by all at the last race night  held  at the Castle Tavern Hotel back in April this year. The Duck Club will hold another race night at the same venue. First race is looking to get under way at 7.30pm, there will be six races. Winners from each race will  run in the final race to win the President Cup. For those who have not attended one of our race nights, it a race night with a difference. It’s not a prerecorded one, there are 6 horses in a race, which are numbered one to six. There are several pack of cards which are shuffled, on the start of the race a card is turned over and the number on the card will move that horse number  forward one space. Cards will be turned over till one horse cross winning line

(1) I have  36 horses to sell @ £5.00 a horse which the owner will name there own horse to enter the race

(2) Also 36 Jockeys  @ £5.00

(3) There will be 3 races just lady jockeys and 3 male jockeys

(4) Winner from each race will run in the 7th race for the President Cup

(5) There will be a Tote on the night

(6) There will be a break after race 4 pie peas and gravy, there will be a cost for supper.

(7) Monies raised on the night will help go to support local charities

A evening of fun and laughter will be had by all, Richmond racing guru Ranting Richie Mac Cormack will be M.C. More details to follow

Christmas Lights turn on in Friary gardens 27th November 7pm

Message from R. Chandler President Richmond Duck Club

Work has been  under way to repair and repaint Christmas lights Santa. Also there will be new lights to go up around Friary Gardens, we are hoping to bring a little more colour to the gardens. Please come along with the little ones, grandmas granddad, There is word that the Big fellow will be dropping in to say Hello has he start his busy schedule.

Quiz Night at Castle Tavern Market Place Richmond

Landlord & Landlady are having a quiz night at the Castle Tavern on Wednesday 30th September eyes down at 7.30pm. There will be a beef curry served at the end. Entrance to the quiz is £5.00 per person, Liz 7 Kevin have kindly donated £2.50 of the taking to Richmond Duck Club.

So if you are at a loose end and fancy a laugh, with friends and a bit of supper, come along and join us at the Castle Tavern on the 30th September

From Secretary Duck Club